The Comic:

A high fantasy adventure set in the world of Kazzralohr. An aspiring young alchemist and her friends find themselves steeped in dark dungeons, magical monsters, and ancient artifacts. Constantly in over their heads, they will need to rely on their ingenuity and dumb luck alike. Although they may not realize it, the fate of the world rests in their hands.




The Author:

Groovy Sweet is a simple, mostly ordinary man, who grew up locked away in a princess tower. But now he’s out living that adult life… with rent, bills, and working away at a job he… tolerates.

He likes to spend his time consuming TV shows, video games, movies, and comics. The guy really enjoys stories. But there’s one other thing he really likes doing, and that’s drawing comics. He even did a weekly comic strip for his college newspaper for a few years… even won some awards or whatever. He went on to publish weekly webcomics about his life. Then he stopped.

In the back of his mind, he kept wanting to tell big, exciting adventure stories. One day, he started working on one–just a small, little one. As he considered the world, a curious thing happened: It kept growing and growing. Eventually, it was large enough to tell multiple stories. He thought about how to connect them one piece at a time, then things went downhill from there. He toiled away for a long while, the world got big, and the stories became one massive story. Ever so slowly, he prepared to launch this epic webcomic series. So… here we are. Welcome.


Support Options:

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  • Following along with the comic, sharing with friends, and generally being supportive of my efforts
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