At first Pawn’s Quest was meant to be a prelude to the main series. Essentially a story that would introduce the world of Kazzralohr, and give me time to develope the main series. Then it got bigger, longer.. and even after some hefty revisions to the plan.. it’s 10-12 chapters long. While Pawn’s Quest has been rolling out, sweeping changes to the main series has occured, and this ‘prelude’ doesn’t line up as well anymore. Then we come to this hiatus, which I started in order to work on commissions, move somewhere else, and do some other side projects for myself. But then it kinda got away from me, some things have taken far longer than expected… and I’ve slacked on others. But just as I was about to get back to Pawn’s Quest, an idea struck. A way to take the overall story and structure of Pawn’s Quest, and reshape it so it would better fit and set up the future of Kazzralohr Chronicles. … But it meant scraping all that I’ve done, and redoing it. So my hiatus continued a bit longer, and I thought about how I would do it, and whether it was worth it. Conclusion: Worth it. And so here we are… Pawn’s Quest over two years, four and half chapters, almost half way through the story, and I’m canceling it. Pawn’s story will return though, just differently. Then I can finally get into the main series, and bring characters I’m super excited to brint to life, explore more of the world, and start telling the epic stories I’ve had swirling around in my head for the last several years. There is some more work to be done before I can just jump into it, few world building pieces, some story arc work, plus I’d like to update the website. Hopefully I’ll be able to get everything in order and prepared so I can Launch(relaunch?) the series sometime next year. Until then, I plan to post ongoing progress updates.


—¬†Hopefully I can manage things in a timely fashion, and get back onto making comics. —